2011. szeptember 27., kedd

Where is my place?

I just find this song pretty true. Yes, recently I'm quite a feminist I think. Though I have no problem with them, until I treat them just as friends. But no romance, please.

My family says I'm like a kindergardener, little child if it comes to romantic relationships. They say, that boy from law class likes me, as a girl I mean. But I don't think so, I think he is just lonely, doesn't know too many people in this new school and maybe he finds me nice. I also think he is nice, but just as I friend. My family knows nothing. Just because he likes talking to me sometimes, that doesn't mean anything, right? Actually, I just don't want to believe it. Because if I did, I couldn't spend time together with him anymore. So I just ignore the fact, I just refuse to believe it and everything is alright. That's all.

By the way, today I don't feel like to do anything. My mood is a bit depressed I guess. Nothing seems to make sense. However, rowing yesterday was nice. Hard, but nice. I have to learn it properly for sure, though. Now I should study Roman law, but I don't feel like. Maybe a bit later. Because I must not fail in any test. Not from that subject. I don't know if it really matters though. At the moment nothing really matters. I hate this mood. The only thing that bothers me, that my bed isn't too convenient. So even sleeping isn't too good. But I will survive it somehow. Hopefully

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