2011. március 6., vasárnap

Your destiny leads you

Pintácsi Viki - Sorsod irányít (Fiorella)

So here's the lyrics I was talking about in English. I am sorry if I made any mistakes in the translation.

Destiny is like this,
At first you don't believe what you see,
Than the dance begins,
And you walk in his footsteps.

You follow him,
You don't even know where you go anymore,
When you see through the mask,
Your heart is already his prisoner.
You believed it was a disguise, but he makes more punctual plans
Though he is lying the whole time, he can conquer easily.
He looks like a human, even though he plays with lives,
He promises a hundred kisses and a lot of other things for your heart!

Dance through a night with him,
But in the morning you had better escape,
Because he catches you and doesn't let you go anymore,
With his kisses he burns you to the ashes.

He cheats you before you realize it,
The North light became his lamp,
Every morning wind is his fellow,
It spreads his name cards.

Only believe in what you see,
A pretty word fly far away,
And you can wait forever.

You know well,
Life is a movie,
But if your destiny leads you,
Your heart can break easily.

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