2011. március 16., szerda

I wish I were a man

Taylor Swift - Tell me why

I am the world's biggest fool. Really. Now it's official. Guys just drive girls crazy. And even though he is such a scumbag, I still can't help, but fall for him. I hate being a girl. It sucks! It's not enough that I have to face such troubles like menstruation, PMS and I should learn to do make-up, cooking and so on, I have stupid, bothersome emotions for a guy who doesn't deserve it at all. Sometimes I really would like to kick his ass and hurt him really bad. I want to beat him up so much! But I know I can't. Because one nice sentence, one smile, one look from him is enough to ease my anger. Shit! But why?

Actually I just thought about that I always have crushes with boys who has too much self-confidence. In other words, they have such a big ego that they nearly fall over it. But really, all the boys I have liked until now are common in this personality skill. He is also like that. I think it is because I don't really have self-confidence at all. I always think I am not too nice, not too pretty, not too clever, not too skillful, can't do this and can't do that. Maybe that's why I am attracted by firm, self-confident guys. Basically, I can't stand boys, who needs leading. But firm guys often seems to have a big ego. Too bad for me.

Really, sometimes I just wish I were a boy. Everything would be easier I think. Boys' life seems a lot more easier than girls'. I want that! I don't want to bother with PMS, menstruation, clothes, make-up and such! And mostly, I don't want to deal with boys! They are so stupid! I like them as friends mostly, but when it comes to romantic relationship, it just hell! Damn, really I want to be a lesbian sometimes. Too bad I am not that...

Enough of it, I could write pages about my complaints, but would it matter at all? I don't think so. But anyway... SOMEBODY PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THIS MESS!!!!!!!!!

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