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Music is my life

Today I don't want to whine about any guys or talking about how shit my life is. No, today I think I have nothing special to say. I could only just repeat myself. What I would like to do today is to make a list about songs and people. There are a lot of songs which remind me of people who are important or at least remarkable in my life. So today I would like to create that list here. At least I can see it clearly as well. I will try not to forget anyone and list all the songs I can match with them. Of course the lyrics is very important in each cases. Actuallly they show my relation with these people very well, I think.

The Belorussian bastard:
Pink: You make me sick
        Private show
        Just like a pill
        Long way to happy
        It's all your fault
        Heartbreak down
        Is it love?
Evanescence: My immortal
                    Bring me to life
Kelly Clarkson: You thought wrong
                       Behind these hazel eyes
                       Where is your heart?
                       Can I have a kiss?
                       All I ever wanted
                       If I can't have you
                      Can we go back?
                      Already gone
Avril Lavigne: Take me away
                      My happy ending
                    Things I'll never say
Ashlee Simpson: Lala
Tóth Gabi: Érte megérte
                Szívemet adnám
Alexandra Burke: The silence
                            Bad boys
Taylor Swift: Teardrops on my guitar
                    Baby don't you break my heart slow
                    I'd lie
                   Tim McGraw
                   The way I love you
                   If this was a movie
Katy Perry: Hot 'n Cold
                   The one that got away
                   Not like the movies
Lady Gaga: Monster
                  Bad romance
Britney Spears: Womanizer
                        Baby one more time
                        Oops...! I did it again
Kesha: The Harold song
Flo Rida feat. Kesha: Right round
Miley Cyrus: 7 things
Sean Kingston feat. Justin Bieber: Eenie meenie
Seether feat. Amy Lee: Broken
Skillet: Comatose
Hercules soundtrack: I won't say I'm in love / Ez nem lehet szerelem / Ich will keinen Mann / 恋してるなんて言えない
Kalafina: Red Moon
Versailles: Destiny - The lovers
                After Cloudia
                Antique in the future
Joy Enriquez: How can I not love you?
AnCafé: Snow scene
Arashi: 君は少しも悪くない
           The bubble
Ohno Satoshi: Rain
Backstreet Boys: Incomplete
Crystal: Sosem múlik el
Koda Kumi: Hands
Utada Hikaru: First love
                      Flavour of life
                      Prisoner of love
Otsuka Ai: Planetarium
Aiko: KissHug
3 Doors Down: Here without you
Aragaki Yui: Heavenly days
Aoyama Thelma: ここに居るよ
Garbage: Cup of coffee
               You look so fine
Groove Coverage: 7 years & 50 days
Groovehouse: Mit ér neked?
Hamasaki Ayumi: I am
                           As if
                           Because of you
                          Happy ending
                          Is this love?
                         In the corner
Hedley: Perfect
Hilary Duff: Holiday
                  Who's that girl?
Leslie Parrish: Remember me
Mandy Moore: I wanna be with you
Nishino Kana: Aitakute aitakute
Pixie Lott: Nothing compares
                Turn it up
Robyn: Be mine
           Dancing on my own
Rascal Flatts: What hurts the most
State of Shock: Money honey
Sugarcult: Pretty girl
Sweetbox: Human sacrifice
System of a down: Lonely day
Taeyang: Wedding dress
Taio Cruz: Break your heart
Tatu: Show me love
        You and I
        Fly on the wall
Beyoncé feat. Shakira: Beautiful liar
The Calling: Things don't always turn out that way
The Veronicas: In another life
Therre Days Grace: I hate everything about you
                              Over and over
YUI: Umbrella
Zanzibar: Csalódott vagyok
                Ha nem maradt más
                Új napra ébredsz
Kiss: Because I'm a girl
Bright: 嫌い・・・でも好き
Pintácsi Viki: Sorsod irányít
Fiesta: Könnyebb lesz így
Bot Gábor: Kevés egy dal
Tarja Turunen: Poison
Tankcsapda: Azt mondom állj
                    Gyűrd össze a lepedőt velem
Fergie feat. Koda Kumi: That ain't cool
Fergie: Big girls don't cry
Rihanna: Cry
              I love the way you lie
              Hate that I love you
Koda Kumi feat. Misono: It's all love
Umberto Tozzi feat. Monica Bellucci: Ti amo
Guild: 夜の月
Emilie Autumn: Chambermaid
Cascada: Miracle
               Ready for love

My best friend (Kitty):
Avril Lavigne: Keep holding on
Nishino Kana: Best friend
Tatu: All about us
         Not gonna get us
Taylor Swift: I'm only me when I'm with you
Emilie Autumn: By the sword

My mother:
Sugarloaf: Fogd a két kezem
Taylor Swift: Never grow up
                    The best day

My grandmother:
Avril Lavigne: Slipped away
Hamasaki Ayumi: Memorial address
                           Untitled - for her
Christina Aguilera: Hurt
Aqua: Turn back time

My father:
Taylor Swift: Superman

My high school classmates:
Kelly Clarkson: Breakaway
Sandy Sinnamon: Only a  memory away
Kamenashi Kazuya: Kizuna
Takaki Yuya: 俺たちの青春
Pokemon soundtrack: Everything changes / Minden változik
                                   The time has come / Eljött a perc

The pshycho guy:
Hilary Duff: Between you and me
Sweetbox: Don't push me

Avril Lavigne: Don't tell me
Pink: U + Ur hand
Hien: Túl szép
Emilie Autumn: How strange
                        Marry me

My (ex)best friend from high school:
Pink: Who knew?

Lady Gaga: Silly boy
Avril Lavigne: Complicated
                      Too much to ask
Gwen Stefani: Cool
Zanzibar: Szerelemről szó sem volt

Myself (because I'm also an important person to myself of course =P And naturally my philosophy is also important XD):
Pink: Slipped personality
         Try too hard
         Cuz I can
         Fuckin' perfect
         Nobody knows
         Most girls
        Stop falling
        Do what U do
       Get the party started
       18 wheeler
       Dear diary
      Misery (feat. Steven Tyler)
      Respect (feat. Scratch)
      Don't let me get me
      Lonely girl (feat. Linda Perry)
      My Vietnam
Meredithg Brooks: I'm a bitch
Elize: I can be a bitch
Avril Lavigne: What the hell
                      I don't have to try
                     The best damn thing
                     How does it feel?
Miley Cyrus: Can't be tamed
Hilary Duff: I am
Zanzibar: Az igazi nevem
              Ádám keresi Évát
              Ha megtalálsz
              Nem vagyok tökéletes
              Lehetek a...
Hamasaki Ayumi: Missunderstood
Koda Kumi: Lollipop
                    Can we go back?
Tankcsapda: Be vagyok rúgva
Ashlee Simpson: L.O.V.E.
Kelly Clarkson: Miss Independent
Sandy Howell: Oh starry night
Rie Fu: Life is like a boat
Rihanna: Hard
Lady Gaga: Pokerface
Emilie Autumn: Shalott
                        Misery loves company
Katy Perry: Firework
Alexandra Burke: Broken heels
Play: I don't want to be like Cinderella
        I must not chase the boys

If you really read this post till the end, then you are a hero. Or just a complete idiot, who is too bored and have nothing else better or more useful to do, hehe =P
I hope I didn't miss anything or anyone. If I did, then maybe later I will edit this list. Anyway, I think it also shows pretty well, what or who fills most of my thoughts^^' Damn!

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