2011. április 8., péntek

I love you... chivas

Lady Gaga - BoysBoysBoys

As a main rule I don't write blog on the weekend, when I am at home, because I have a lot of other things to do. I mean things I can only do at home. For example listening to music loud and running in my room upside down from wall to wall. Maybe it's crazy, but I love it. It makes me calm. Really. I don't mind if others think I am an idiot because of it. I love it and that's what it matters. But anyway, now I have to write this post anyway. I have to share my thoughts now before the feelings go away.

I just saw a damn hot guy on the subway! Really. An Asian (probably Chinese) boy with long hair. Just like I would have been in heaven. He was so hot! And also we changed to the same line. When I saw that he also get off the subway, I started following him. Of course if he had gone to a different direction than me, I wouldn't have done that, but this way what harm it could have caused? Watching is not a bad thing, is it? However, it was a bit funny. On the elevator I stood behind him and I think he might have realized that I follow him. At least he looked back at me. He must have been thinking that I am psycho or have never seen Asian or something like that. A girl in black coat who is chasing after him... Anyway, I enjoyed myself a lot! But anyway, I gave him the chance, because after that I went before him, but he also chose to get in to the first part of the subway. Also he stood at the same door as me. Only just about 1 or 2 meter from me! So cool! Actually it was the first time that I wished the subway would have been more crowded so I could get more close to him. But still, it was really cool. That was such a good day of mine because of! A day that ends like this cannot be bad anyway! I could really just jump around after this. Even though nothing really happened. My hormones were just running in my veins I guess. But I liked it. He was just so hot. It's very rare to see such a hot guy. I have to admit, I might hate the capital because it's overcrowded, dirty and smelly, but in one thing it owns my hometown: there are a lot more hot guy there. Though maybe just because there are much more people live there. But anyway.

Last week I went to a disco to have party in my hometown. And about the boys, it was tragic. I didn't really see any hot guy and also, I saw only two boys with long hair all night. And they were just kind of okay, but not too good as well. Too bad. Where are all the long haired hot guys? Damn Romans for making a fashion out of short hair among men. Long hair for boys is hot! I want more boys with long hair!

By the way, I just realized that nearly all of my posts here are about boys. Dammit! Most of the people around me think I don't give a damn about boys. If they saw this blog! All I do is wheeping about boys. Or sometimes I am angry or sometimes just like now, I am happy, but because of boys. How crazy! Maybe it's just a defensive mechanism from me that I act like I totally ignore boys and don't care about them. I just wish I didn't care about them. But I do. Too much.

Actually recently I realized boys and alcohol are really alike. Both can make me feel good like heaven and bad like hell. The main difference is in case of alcohol with a little experience I can learn when, how much alcohol how effects me. About boys it's just totally random. I can never know. I don't know which one is better though.

Maybe boys often gets into my nerve, but no matter how much I hate it, I have to admit, I think I couldn't live without them after all. Because I am a stupid girl as I have mentioned it before. I cannot change it. It's like a curse, but I have to get used to it I think. I have no chance. Maybe I could become a lesbian. But I don't think it would work. Damn!

Anyway, though I was last week, I still want to party. I want to drink alcohol and get a bit drunk. Boys can be confusing and stupid, but I can always count on alcohol. No, I am not an alcoholist. But I think now I really need to get a bit drunk. Again and again. At least alcohol is reliable if boys aren't. So where is that bottle?

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  1. Hot long-haired guys, totally agreed! :D 'Love you, Dear. <3 And what a truth you said again! Would you mind if I quote it somewhere? :3