2011. december 3., szombat

Inner demons

Reading blogs sometimes really an interesting thing. I don't think people would share every thoughts they have here, I cannot know someone just from his / her blog, but really I can learn some things. Just thinking about myself, I also relieve here some thoughts I don't really share anywhere else. Why? Yes, I know that anyone can read it, but still, without my name and my face it's somehow not that hard. Of course anyone can find out my identity etc. etc. But somehow it's still different, even though it's public.

By the way, I think I can say I'm pretty good at online stalking. It's not something I'm proud of though. I just have quite a lot free time to do and why not? When you have a depressed, melancholic and asocial personality like mine. (By the way, most people don't know the difference between asocialists and anti-socialists.Asocialists are those, who has problem with treating other people, communicating other people, making closer relationships with people. While anti-socialists are sociopaths with an other world. So they have problem with emotions, letting people close to them and such. So maybe the only thing common is the difficulty in making closer relations, maybe, but that's not the point now.) Anyway, I realized that I'm really not ready dealing with other people's problems. I have way too many for myself.

I do have friends, now I'm sure. Those fellows from university is somewhat dear to me. Really. I feel I belong to them in a rate. I cannot open my heart to them, but still. I'm a part of their group anyway. Feels good, but not enough.

Some days ago I was scolded by a guy I don't know that much, but sometimes I talk to him online. He said I already wasted half of my university life with this shit I'm in right now and I really should change. I know I should, but it's not that easy. I don't know if I can do it alone, but I must. I have to learn doing everything alone. I cannot depend on anyone emotionally. But I know this thing cannot be solved alone. I can do what I have to do, but I feel empty inside. I just feel nothing. Nothing at all. I like being drunk, because at least that time my dark thoughts go away. The rest, doesn't matter. I study, because I have to, I will go to Norway for half a year, just because I want something to happen. But really never mind. I want to pass my exams, but if not, never mind. Doesn't matter. What is missing? What could change this? Now I don't know.

For a while I thought maybe if I found love or something, this might help. Now I think probably not. If I think about it deeper, every people have inner demons. And I think mine are too much. Too much for someone else to bear. And also it would be too much for me to bear someone else's as well. I still like a guy who is impossible for me and he has a lot of inner demons. I cannot know them fully, but I think his burden is probably as heavy as mine is. Totally different, but heavy. I couldn't help him and he couldn't help me anyway. It wouldn't change my feelings immediately, but it's a fact anyway. No matter what I do, I have to do alone. I don't where I'm heading for this way, though.

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