2011. november 23., szerda

It's a cruel, cruel world

I'm back here for a post before I will be buried by studies. It will be a hard time, really. For next week I have to study 100 § statute and also I should prepare for another test and study roman law as usual. The funny thing is that if I cannot study normally that statute and I won't pass that test, I cannot go to the exam. Too bad. In this case I will have to take it up next year again. At the moment I can't really worry about it. My tactic is basically that I always ask myself "what is the worst that can happen to me in this situation?" So I can see it's really not that tragic. Now the worst is that I won't pass and I have to take it up again a year later. So what? Basically, nothing builds on this subject, so no problem. Also, I don't have finish this university within 3 years anyway. I just lose 5 credits for this semester. Who cares? Not so tragic after all, right? Just take it easy. Worrying too much isn't healthy. Calm and peace is the reward of apathy.

Something else, yesterday I realized how unfair this world is. How unfair we are. A lot of girls complain about boys like only bitches. But aren't we, girls are the same? Apperaence counts too much. I know a lot of nice guys, who are single, even though they are polite, kind, intelligent and such, however, they aren't too loud, aren't matcho-like and so on. Even I cannot look at them like potential partners, only just friends. I can only fall for those self-sufficient, egoist dumbasses, who may look cute, but really are jerks. It's unfair, really unfair. Someone please open my eyes and other girls' and make us turn to these nice ones from those dickheads! Because how things are now, if a boy wants a girl, the recipe could be the next one: If you are kind, polite, intelligent and treat girls nice, they will only want to be your friend. Be egoist and self-centered, look down on others, be loud and you will get any girl you want. That sucks!

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