2011. július 14., csütörtök

Don't believe in love

Avril Lavigne - My happy ending

Now it's all done. It's all over. I'm back from Belarus. And now I see what kind of person he really is. A hypocrite, a liar. He acts nice, smile at your face, but when you turn around he betrays you, put the knife into your back immediately.

He treated me like last summer. Like nothing has happened between our two meetings. And basically, really nothing happened. He just ignored me. But who gives a shit about that it hurt my damn feelings? He surely doesn't. Basically, all he can think about is himself. He thinks he is the best, just because he looks good. But a pretty face and a good body is not enough. He still impressed me sexually, but I know, I could never trust him.

This little silly me (or at least a part of me) still want him though. He is too charming. Dangerous. That's the best word for him. And it still hurts deep inside, when I think about that I will never meet him again. But somewhere I know this is the best way.

I'm still wondering though if I should confess to him. Every feeling I have ever felt for me. The positive and the negative feelings as well. But after all I think everything was fine how it was. He wouldn't have been honest to me anyway and knowing that someone fell for him maybe just made his ego even higher. So it's okay after all.

I need time to heal my wounds, but I think I'll be fine. I must be....

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