2011. június 4., szombat

Sweet dreams

I am lying on my bed, the lights are out, I'm about to sleep. Sorrowful thoughts comes into my mind, I feel miserable like hell. Then it starts. At first I try not to pay attention to it. But it doesn't stop. I try to get back to my thoughts but it annoys me like hell. It comes closer and closer. And then I hear it in my ears from very close. Okay, it was enough! I don't like violence, but it's much more than I can take. I turn the lights on, get out of my bed, grab my hardback Russian text book from the table and drop it to the wall. I look behind the bed to check if my action was successful. And I see it's lying on the ground. And it's dead!
"Damned moth! At least this time let me feel sorry for myself!" XD

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